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Green Spring(碧螺春)

My favourite green tea, named by the one of the greatest Chinese emperor Kang Xi(康熙), is growing in the region of Tai Lake. The name 碧螺春 literally means "Green Snail Spring". It is called so because it is a green tea that is rolled into a tight spiral, resembling snail shells, and is cropped early spring. The emperor visited Tai Lake and loved it. Back then, because of its rich aroma, local people called it "Scary Aromatic". The emperor decided to give it a more elegant name – "Green Snail Spring”

Dragon Well(龍井)

Dragon Well in the oldest mountain near West Lake of Hangzhou City contains very decent water, ice cold all year long, it’s refreshing and taste sweet. The well is so deep, the locals believe it some how connects the ocean and dragon must live down there, so it’s named Dragon Well, the tea that grows around it is called West Lake Dragon Well tea. The finest of the finest. The fresh and light roasted tea leaves is treated as snack or herbs in a dish for its nice flavour and aroma. Businessmen even enclosure farms by paying sky-high price for this particular kind.

Blooming Tea(香片)

Flowering teas, also called blooming teas, are a combination of tea leaves and various types of flowers, skillfully tied together into bundles that are designed to be beautiful when brewed. They are brewed directly in a tall glass teapot, so you can enjoy both the taste and the artistic display. While brewing the flower tea, you will see they are very charming and attractive. You are not only enjoying the delicacy of tea and mellowness of flowers, but also can appreciate the sense of beauty. 

Blue Mountain & Green Water(青山绿水)

Wow! for the love of god this is green and beautiful. It bursts out a very nice crisp smell, the first sip is bitter but the sweetness takes over right after and leave a smooth finish. This tea you will want to sit down and have it brewed in a clear glass pot in order to enjoy the vivid green water that a green tea suppose to be. This particular tea is made from young tree leave so it’s extremely low on the caffeine.


Taiping Monkey King(太平猴魁)

legend tells of the monkeys of Tai Ping. As this story is told, when a mother monkey died of grief after loosing her child, a local farmer kindly buried the animal on his land. The farmer soon dreamt of the monkey guiding him to a place, deep in the forest, where a tea garden was. Upon awaking, he retraced his dreaming steps to discover a hidden garden of tea bushes which he made this tea.

Coffee & Tea

Above all Fair trade standards

We are proud to tell you that we offer the Direct Trade coffee beans to you.

The beans all came from the farmer to our roaster directly.

Espresso Blend

Our espresso bridges the gap between old & new world with direct relationships and high elevation coffees. Blended for balance to create a complete espresso, it is superb alone or mixed with milk. The layers of flavour and texture start with sweet meyer lemon acidity, merge into black cherry fruitiness and end in cardamom and clove spiciness. Inquire with your barista for the exact blend as it changes to reflect the seasonality of coffee.


From the same farm that brought us Selecto 3, this is the second harvest from Campo Amor. We taste cherry, orange peel and cola in this fully washed Colombia.


Brings a great plumy aroma, tastes like dried fruit at fist and then chocolaty to finish. The body is almost a Blue Mountain texture, Silky smooth.