Tong.NYC Coffee Inc.
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Store Policies

Outside Food Policy

We allow outside food. We believe you have your right to choose the food you like and bring it anywhere you want. We also believe there are bakery stores do awesome jobs to make our communities more lovely and making your beverages tastier, so we welcome you to bring any other bakeries to our store except hot plates. We hopes you enjoy staying here.

Outside Cup Policy

We believe in constantly making a greener planet. So if you come in with your own cup, regardless if it is a tumbler or a paper cup from another store, we give you a cup discount. And we do not trash your paper cup for ours unless if you ask. We neither ask questions nor feeling offended if you use a beverage container from another business, no matter how big their logo is. However we do rinse your container due to food safe reason. The Only Cafe hopes you enjoy every visit.

Return Policy

We hope you enjoy our products like we do, however it's not always the case. When you want to return a merchandise, we ask you to return the item within 14 days under a resalable condition. If you have any question about this policy you can Email to

Name on Cup

“Name on cup” is a great idea, it started with Bridgeport Starbucks in Richmond as they were trying to recover customers after a shocking incident.  After 3 years almost everyone is adopting this strategy. However we think in the reality, grabbing your name when you are in a rush is often frustrating and inefficient, we’d like to prepare the quality drink that you deserve in a close focus instead of taking the time asking you to spell out your name. We’d love to  learning who you are and become friends with you when you have time with us.